Le Petit Palais Enchanté

Enriching Learned Experiences

At Le Petit Palais Enchanté, we offer enriching development activities. Our programs are fun, safe, and educational.

Le Petit Palais Enchanté

At Le Petit Palais Enchante, we offer enriching learning experience which focus on the children’s interest. Through observations, our educators are responsive to children’s choices and needs. The whole child is stimulated in all 4 dimensions of child development:

  • Physical (Fine & Grass Motor)
  • Cognitive
  • Social & Emotional
  • Language

Daycare Services

Le Petit Palais Enchanté offers full-time quality daycare.

Bilingual Environment

Le Petit Palais Enchanté is a bilingual daycare. Our educators offer stimulating and enriching learning experiences in both French and English.


Outdoor Activities

Le Petit Palais Enchanté offers outdoor classrooms, which are seen as an obvious and natural classroom for children who are learning everywhere and all the time. Outdoor classrooms offer a wider variety of learning experiences and opportunities. It helps children master the four key dimensions of development:



Our annual garden project adds a whole new dimension to early childhood education. Besides building stewardship skills for the environment, the love of nature will be brought to our children’s daily lives. We have partnered up with the Equiterre to enhance the pedagogical aspect of our garden project. Science, Math, Language Arts, Cooking, Health,& Art are all introduced through our gardening activity


Equitere provides us with pedagogical support for our garden project program